Fat Loss For Idiots

The Fat Loss For Idiots diet is designed as a very quick weight loss diet. The diet is planned on an eleven day program. Each day different types of meals are eaten. There is no portion control or calorie counting in this diet. It is primarily high in proteins, and low in starches. The meal plan revolves on a daily basis. Meals are designed to be eaten four times daily around two to three hours apart. Each meal consists of one food only.

The way it works is this. The dieter is given two choices either vegetarian or regular diet. The dieter then chooses from a list their fourteen favorite foods. The eleven day meal plan is then designed around those fourteen foods with one day being a vegetable and fruit day. The other days rotate the types of meals between protein meals, carbohydrate meals and protein/carbohydrate combinations.

This is an example of a 2 day meal plan under this program to give you an idea of what you are asked to eat. Please remember the dieter is to eat as much as they can to be satisfied but not to stuff or overeat the meal items.

Day 1

Meal 1 Scrambled Egg

Meal 2 Fruit Salad

Meal 3 Chicken

Meal 4 Cottage Cheese

Day 2

Meal 1 Cottage Cheese

Meal 2 Chicken

Meal 3 Mixed Nuts

Meal 4 Sandwich Any Type

Each day a different combination is put into play here. The premise behind this is that by constantly challenging the body with different types of foods and calories, the body cannot get into a rut and each day the metabolism will be jumpstarted into burning even more calories and fats. They do recommend that brisk exercise for up to 30 minutes a day need to be utilized with the diet plan. After staying on the diet for 11 days, the dieter is then allowed three cheat days where they can eat pretty much what they want for those three days. They are then instructed to resume the 11 day plan again for further weight loss. The plan states that it is possible to lose up to nine pounds on the 11 day plan.

The thing that most sticks out in this quick weight loss plan is the negligent amount of starches that are allowed on the diet. It is doubtful that after following a diet plan such as this, the dieter then returns to a diet that is heavy in starches, that the weight will continue to stay off. A weight loss plan needs to be long term in order to lose the weight and keep it off for long periods of time.

As with any type of diet or weight loss plan, especially for those who have any kind of chronic or serious medical conditions, please have a consultation with your medical professional before starting any of these. It is more important to make sure that the diet is safe before starting a quick weight loss plan such as this.