Cross training exercise for faster weight loss

Whenever you step on your scale, those figures are not indicative of how fat or how fit you are. Your mass or body weight is a number that shows the composition of your body, which includes bones, muscle and fat. Some fast facts on fat, if men have a fat composition of 14% to 15% or more of his mass, he is overweight. For women, this range is from 20% to 22% to be considered as overweight.

Why is fat important? It is needed under the skin as a form of insulation, as well as to cushion the vital organs. However, when one has too much fat in the body, it can lead to diseases such as gout, hypertension, diabetes, gall bladder problems, and even coronary heart disease among others. It is believes that in these modern times, the fittest, and not the fattest persons, can survive better.

The big problem now is how to deal with excess fat in the body. Many people who intend to lose weight are more focused on crunching the numbers on the scale, instead of thinking about the efficient method to do it. Because of this, more people are prone to depending on the weighing scale to tell them if they are becoming fitter. The human body can be considered as a machine that exchanges heat, and it works on basic principles as governed in the physics of energy. The energy is measured in calories, so the total calorie intake minus the total caloric expense of the body is equal to the caloric balance.

Basal metabolism makes use of some of the calories obtained from eating. As the body ages, it needs fewer calories to maintain its body processes. During excretion of wastes, the calories are also taken out of the body. Some of the calories are used in work metabolism, which are those physical activities that need to be fueled by energy.  So it is understood that the more calories a person takes in, there may be a lot of it that goes into excess. Physics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, so in this case it is transferred. To be more specific, 3,500 calories in excess will be transformed into a pound of fat. As the process is to be reversed, burning off that one pound means burning up 3,500 calories.

Winning the battle against fat

When one has a common notion of fighting fat through exercise, most of the images displayed would be exerting a lot of effort, and spending hours sweating it out. Effective as it may seem, these are not enough to get you on fat loss. This may be attributed to the fact the people who tire themselves out easily will get to feel monotony in the activity just as quickly.

Why is this so? This due to the fact that exerting effort beyond what is possible causes weariness and eventually boredom. So what happens is they stop exercising and start feeling depressed and discouraged.

So, what should one do instead? The answer lies in cross training. Research and clinical studies made health experts come up with a method of breaking the dullness and monotony of the usual exercise programs. This can be done by integrating cross training into the routine.

So what is cross training? It is the incorporation of different types of activities and movements into the usual exercise program. Its main goal is to prevent straining the muscles or avoid creating muscle damage and to end the boredom and weariness that one can experience.

If you have heard of a triathlon, this is the perfect example of a common cross training program. The activities included here are swimming, running, and cycling.

While cross training, adding distance to the exercise helps extend the amount of time you do the workout. At the same time, your performance and fitness improves. It is advisable that you determine a measured distance before starting your cross training. For example, when you swim a course, take the distance you covered. For running on a track, one lap is usually equivalent to a quarter mile.

There are tons of benefits the body can achieve as it undergoes cross training. For one, it improves cardiovascular endurance, and that is of the heart, lungs, as well as the blood vessels. It has been said that there is a tranquilizing effect on the nerves, so one does not feel the pain that is often associated with fat loss or physical exertion.

There are three basic components in cross training:

Endurance. These exercises are intended to induce relaxation, and at the same time strengthen the heart, lungs, and blood vessels for healthy circulation. Examples of how to start on this may be walking or jogging.

Muscular strength. These are for improving muscle condition and for promoting good posture. There are many activities that may be included under this.

Joint mobility. There is a wide range of exercises you can do to relieve the muscle ache that is associated with working out. Included here are stretching exercises that not only improve flexibility but also encourage fat loss.

Cross training has really changed the way people perceive fat loss and exercise. No longer will you have to worry about getting bored within the monotony of usual workouts. Before you know it, you have achieved your desired weight as you enjoyed your exercise routine.