Achieving Oolong Tea Weight Loss

We can achieve oolong tea weight loss just like the Chinese have been doing for so many centuries. Oolong tea comes from the tea bush or Camelia sinensis. It is produced by partly oxidizing the leaves of the tea prior to drying them. According to research, it may also stop obesity and help in losing weight.
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Caffeine And Antioxidants

The best oolong tea for weight loss is just like other tea drinks and products such as green tea that have caffeine and antioxidants. The caffeine content may be hard to determine in one cup of tea because this depends on our brewing process. The caffeine in such tea improved the lipolysis process which is noradrenaline-induced inside our fat cells. There was a study performed on mice that were obese due to the diet given to them for ten weeks. The conclusion of the study was the effectiveness of the tea in fighting obesity is partly because of its caffeine content. It is also because of the effect of the fat tissues or adipose tissues.

Brewing Oolong Tea

When brewing oolong tea for weight loss, we must use water that has not yet boiled. The Chinese used to brew this by placing 1/3 of the dried leaves of the tea in a clay teapot and adding hot water over them. They then removed the water from the teapot and then filled it up again with water that has nearly boiled. They then allowed steeping for minutes prior to serving the tea.

Affecting The Resting Energy Expenditure

Oolong tea was also seen to affect directly the resting energy expenditure (REE) of the body. In a research performed by a university in Japan, eleven young women who had average weight were given oolong tea, green tea and/or water. After a couple of hours, the researchers measure the REE of the women using a certain calculator called indirect calorimeter. It was discovered that women who consumed oolong tea had a 10% increase in REE. Those who consumed green tea had a 4% increase in their resting energy expenditure. Those who consumed water did not indicate REE increase. Oolong tea has half the quantity of caffeine having more than double of polymerized polyphenols. According to experts, the reason why there is increase in REE after our consumption of tea is because of its polymerized polyphenols.

Warding Off Health Diseases

Oolong tea and weight loss are both important. When we lose excess fat, the possibility of acquiring Type II diabetes and heart disease is lowered. Though oolong tea is a liquid diet and supplement that has properties which will let us lose weight, we still need to have a healthy lifestyle to maintain good health and proper weight. We should eat five to six small meals and healthy snacks for weight loss a day and have regular workouts. There are many success stories of people losing weight by drinking oolong or green teas and accompanying it with a healthy diet and frequent exercises.

If we wish to lose weight, we need to speak to our physician about a healthy weight loss program, nutrition and wuyi oolong tea weight loss.